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Five Star Fly-In Luxury Fishing/Hunting Resort

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This resort offers a casual approach to rustic beauty, set against a backdrop of sparkling water, pine trees and blue skies. Enjoy the comfort of the log lodge with vaulted ceilings and breathtaking views from the floor to ceiling windows.

It is an idyllic setting everywhere you look from the guest's vantage point overlooking the lakefront or relaxing in the lounge by the fire where guests can unwind. A full service dining room, open air bar, tackle shop and games area complete the facility which is first class in every way. Guests of the lodge are treated to fabulous gourmet meals in a one-of-a-kind location.

Fishermen   The Point


Lodge offers a great fishing adventure where professional guides take guests to fishing grounds thick with feeding trout and massive pike. Arctic Grayling, also known as the "sailfish of the north", can be caught in the river system and are considered a trophy by many because of their beauty and difficulty in landing them.

Fishing   Sunset

The trophy waters for Pike, Trout and Arctic Grayling have been preserved since they have never been commercially fished and have very minimal fishing pressure with only a small number of people having access to the large volume of fish that call this area home. This is the only lodge on the lake allowing guests exclusive use of over 22,000 acres of water.

Trees Lilies   Boat on Shore
Although this is a large body of water, guests do not have to venture far to get set up to fish. It is a very calm lake and there are many fishing spots just minutes from the lodge. In fact, guests have caught them right off the dock. Choosing which fish guests want to go after each day is not a difficult decision either, as typically they are found in areas very close together. The topography is as diverse under the water as it is on top. There are numerous rocky shores, shallow bays and the deep channels run up to 300 ft. offering ideal habitat.
Big Fish   Generally the Pike range in size from 20" to 35" and good opportunities exist to catch large specimens from the 35" to 45" range including colossal Northern Pike up to 50". Lake Trout are typically in the 8 to 12 lb. range and an average fisherman can expect to catch laker's in the 20 to 25 lb. range. Many are caught every year in the 30 to 40 lb. range with some "lunkers" in the 40 lb. plus range. Trophies are abundant on this lake. In addition to the main lake, guests can hike a short distance to fish an additional 3 lakes and 2 rivers. This is a land with endless expanses of water, rivers, glacial eskers, caribou trails and boreal forest.
With no roads and virtually no trace of mankind the lake is accessible only by float plane, which ensures only guests of the lodge have exclusive access to the lakes. Besides the main lake there are also 6 other bodies of water to fish - four fabulous lakes and two exciting rivers - all plentiful with pike, trout and grayling.
Catching Fish   Fish


This self-guided fly-in fishing camp is located in the deep wilderness of Canada's true north and only a short plane trip from the airstrip puts guests at the camp. The camp is surrounded by breathtaking scenery with an abundance of wildlife that matches the incredible fishing. Twenty to thirty pound trout are caught and released on a regular basis with some "monsters" up to 50 pounds. Northern pike in the 30 to 45 inch range patrol the waters with many "whoppers" in the 45 inch PLUS range caught every year. Extremely acrobatic arctic grayling can also be caught on the rivers which feed down from the icy waters of the arctic.

Serious anglers will appreciate the benefits of fishing from an exclusive and remote lake with plenty of fish to reel in. This is a fully equipped camp and it's perfect for remote adventures. The facility offers structures that are far more than just tents, plenty of room for 8 fishermen to live comfortably. Add to that a fridge, four-burner propane stove, cooking utensils, dishes, kitchen linens, shower, cozy wood burning stove, comfortable bunk beds with sleeping quarters for eight people and a generator provides guests with all the basics necessary for a great week of fishing. Boats, motors and all fuel are also included.

Moose on the run   Hunters


Lodge offers guests the opportunity to hunt for bear or moose.

The hunting is established in the sub-arctic region and 2,500 square miles of uninhabited wilderness is hunter's exclusive territory to hunt from. This kingdom for bears has ideal back country conditions with plenty of food and few predators - in fact the only predator is man. This lodge is the only outfitter in the area and the location puts guests right where the action is. Guests of the lodge will be able to experience the privilege of hunting in one of the last remaining frontiers.

The lodge prides themselves on their moose hunts. Exclusive access to over 2,500 sq. miles of crown land and very limited pressure on the resource.

Surrounded by willows, pine, poplar and rock, this area possesses all the natural habitat required to produce quality trophy moose. Very limited hunting pressure, a good source of food, plenty of cover and exclusive access are all keys to a quality moose hunt. Whether guests prefer archery or rifle hunts, none will ever forget the thrill of calling one of these northern monsters out of the woods to the shore line for that perfect shot.
For further information on this lodge please contact Richard Mitchell at 204-256-5796. 

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