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Lodge at Night


This resort is situated on an island in the middle of the lake. The lake stretches out over 200 miles and is fed by 94 rivers. Over 5000 islands provide sheltered bays and more miles of shoreline to fish than any other lake in North America. The lake is home to Trophy Northern Pike and Lake Trout, Walleye and Trophy Arctic Grayling. This resort is recognized as one of the premium lodges in northern Canada. 

Dinina Room   Fireplace

The present owners have maintained a catch and release policy for several years. This ensures great trophy fishing for the lodge guests and the fish just keep getting bigger and bigger. The many rivers and streams are ideal for the Fly fishing enthusiast.

Rustic log cabins that can hold 2, 4 and 6 people are part of the lodge experience. All the cabins and the main lodge were constructed of peeled spruce and jack pine logs. All logs were brought in from distances as far away as five miles from the lodge. Finding trees with straight six-inch diameters in 16-foot sections throughout the camp was time consuming. Cutting and trimming trees, hauling them back to camp, peeling them and laying up the logs by hand is a very long process. Log buildings require a large amount of labor. A couple of summers ago, two additions were added to the main lodge. All cabins have electricity, running water and wood burning stoves. 
Brown Bear   Sparkling River
The main lodge houses the dining rooms, lounge, kitchen and tackle shop. The dining room is open in the morning and evening for breakfast and dinner. A rustic setting with log furniture and a huge fireplace all combine to give the guests a relaxing atmosphere.
Lounge   Pool Table


One of the first lodges to pioneer package tours into Canada's far North. Prior to the original owner's conception, individual sportspersons and corporations, were forced to line up their own air and ground transportation, lodging and fishing equipment. This lodge has continued to carry out a program of complete package tours to present day.

The lake was picked for it's vast size, superb island protection, plus the knowledge that regardless of the numbers of anglers, the lake would, because of it's miles of shoreline, continue to provide an abundance of fish for generations to come. This assumption has proven well founded.

The lodge is recognized as one of the premium lodges in northern Canada. It's excellent diversified fishing, large and comfortable facilities, coupled with the fast air transportation, make this lodge extremely tough competition. The large repeat guest rate the lodge enjoys keeps the package tour rate low and creates a profitable lodge operation.

Big Fish   Aerial View

The lake, with it's thousands of islands, offers spectacular fishing. These islands also offer sheltered fishing even on a windy day. The lodge is located at approximately the center of the lake. This lake produces abundant catches of Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye and Arctic Grayling. It is a rare lake that can provide such a large variety of fish regularly throughout the fishing season. Majestic rock outcrops, miles of island scenery in a wilderness solitude, makes this lake an excellent choice.

The lodge has its own airstrip and opens the country up for sportspersons from all over the world. A mile long stabilized gravel and clay runway, approved by the Canadian D.O.T. and the American F.A.A., is available for large aircraft.

Big Fish   Caught the Big one!
This airstrip has provided more guests with an easy and relatively inexpensive way of reaching great fishing! Reasonable air charters allow the lodge to keep the price of package tours relatively inexpensive and keep the travel time to a minimum. The lodge airstrip is a big key to a great fishing experience. This along with the American plan facilities will provide fishing enthusiasts with many years of spectacular fishing in an area and atmosphere little changed from the days of voyagers.
Fishermen in Morning Mist   It was the owner's intention from the start to build a village similar to what they thought their guests would expect to find in the North Country. All the cabins and the main lodge are constructed of peeled spruce and jack pine logs.

For further information on this lodge please contact Richard Mitchell at 204-256-5796. 


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