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The dining area serves as a gathering place for leisurely conversation at meal time The newly expanded and remodeled main lodge is equipped with a radio and satellite phone in case any of our guests must maintain contact with home or office or in case emergency communication is necessary. The cozy lodge is a relaxing area for reading, card playing and conversations with other fishermen.   Dining Room

The Cabins: 

Guests don't have to bring any bedding or sleeping bags... just personal items such as tooth brush, shaving items, and casual clothing, the lodge takes care of the rest. 


All cabins have hot showers, comfortable beds, and plenty of room to hang up your gear. Each well constructed cabin has indoor bathroom facilities including hot showers for freshening up after a day on the water. The cabins sleep from four to eight people.    Dock
Walkway Through Trees  

The Outpost Camp:

The owners made renovations to the outpost cabin and it now holds 10 people, has solar power, screened in porch, running water, shower house, outhouse, newer boats, good motors. Guests have to reserve well in advance as the Outpost Camp has been very popular for those that wish to explore nature on their own terms.

The Fishing:

Trophy pike! Guests can get a taste of some of the best Northern Pike fishing in North America! If the guests like the challenge of fly-fishing for big pike they won't find better action anywhere else. The size and quality of the the Northern Pike and walleye in this lake are remarkable. Catch and release is the key. 

Guests of the lodge will have a great experience spending quality time on this huge Manitoba lake. Northern pike fishing doesn't get any better than this! Over 200 trophy pike of 41+ inches or more were caught and released in 2006. The lodge goal is to make their guests' Northern pike and walleye fishing experience as good as it gets anywhere. 

For further information on this lodge please contact Richard Mitchell at 204-256-5796. 

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