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World-Class Fly-In Tourism Facility situated Southern Nunavut

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NU 201


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This Lodge is a world-class fly-in tourism facility located in one of the most remote areas of Canada's Nunavut territory. The equipment, facilities and service are first-rate and world-class, making the sportsman's trip more enjoyable and complete. The main lodge has 12 double occupancy rooms with ensuites. The Great Room has a spectacular view, which holds true for all rooms. It is in the Great Room that most anglers and hunters meet at the end of the day to share stories of their adventures. They can relax by the fire, enjoy a drink from the bar, and play pool, or just talk. For the guest's convenience the lodge also has Satellite T.V., satellite phone and wireless Internet when they bring their own laptop.

The lodge was built in 2000 and provides exceptional quality in dining and accommodation.

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You can't help but have the feeling that you are the very first person in history to ever cast some of the shoreline, or drift a fly down some of the rapids. From huge lake trout lurking in the deep, cold lakes of the Kivalliq Region and the Arctic coast, to battling arctic char cruising the pools and estuaries of arctic rivers, Nunavut is home to some of the world's best fishing.

Whether the lodge guests are targeting a particular species, trophy fishing, or just wanting to catch some fish, this lodge will provide the guests with everything possible to fulfill the trip of their dreams.

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Three sport fishing species inhabit the waters of this lake: Lake Trout from 4 to 40+ pounds, Northern Pike from 6 to 40+ pounds, and Arctic Grayling from 2 to 4+ pounds. The resort has established a strict catch and release policy for trophy fish, ensuring that this natural resource remains as it is today - unspoiled. All three of these species are found in the lakes and the River system, which has become recognized as one of the Arctic's best fly fishing rivers.

Whether the guest's preference is river fishing, lake fishing, spin-cast, or they are a fly fishing enthusiast, their passion and dreams can be satisfied here. The Lodge guests will experience an Arctic adventure they won't soon forget.


The lodge offers custom made 18 ft boats of all-welded aluminum. They have self-bailing floors and come complete with 40 HP 4-stroke motors.

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Canada's newest territory founded in 1999 encompasses one-fifth of the country's land mass. Nunavut's vastness inlcudes many regional variations of artic climate, landforms and ecosystems, from the flat barren lands and shallow tundra lakes of Western Nunavut to the majestic fiords, mountain ranges and icebergs of Eastern Nunavut. Nunavut offers a variety of landscapes of great natural beauty conducive to fishing, wildlife observation and other outdoor activities.


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