Manitoba Lodge Entrepreneur's Dream!

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MB 248  
(60 Acres Deeded)

Exceptional Opportunities like this do not come around often! 

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Located in central Canada, in Manitoba, deep in the wilderness of the boreal forest. This lodge is fly in only, it is surrounded by lakes and rivers, an abundance of wetlands and trees and the rocks of the Canadian Shield.


Sunny Day  

The setting of the lodge is very unique, situated at a former Hudson's Bay Company trading post, on a sheltered, scenic bay on the Lake. The History is evident in various parts of the lodge where hand hewed beams span the ceiling and original log cabins are scattered about. It is easy to imagine what the first explorers of North Americans saw when they arrived in the land of Cree Indians who used birch bark canoes filled with fur to trade for the white man's goods. Beaver pelts were the currency of the day and were traded for muskets, knives, axes, cooking pots and the famous Hudson Bay Company blankets.

The main lodge is a combination of several buildings. The central support beam in the kitchen is a tree rather than milled lumber. The walls here are made of log, and have stood for many years. The Main Lodge area was built entirely of logs by local craftsmen. The dining room includes a huge stone fireplace with many interesting artifacts. The log walls and log roof show construction details that very few would know how to replicate now.

A SUMPTUOUS dinner in front of the FIREPLACE, brings guests of the lodge together at the end of the day to savor, fresh and creative homemade cooking. The covered veranda provides a wonderful spot to watch the sunset over the lake and perhaps enjoy an after dinner Cuban cigar.  
Dining Room  

The Lodge offers a rustic ambience, soothed in comfort, catering to small, intimate groups, offering the guests newer sleeping accommodations ( 7 cabins - 2 per room), with private bathrooms. Wifi and a satellite phone will keep you in touch with work and home. Great care is taken to preserve the original buildings and the rustic ambience to other parts of the lodge provides an authentic experience for the guests. That special time in the evening, with a drink around the crackling fire is simply intoxicating and the only sound you will hear is the haunting cry of the loon.
Guest Rooms  


The fishing is legendary for its grand slam of fish namely very large and numerous Lake Trout, abundant trophy Northern Pike, exceptional Walleye and huge Brook Trout. Located at the eastern end of the lake, the lodge offers the finest and most sheltered fishing of the lake and arguably some of the finest freshwater fishing available in Canada, for which it is world renowned. Located on a PRIME SECTION of the lake where shallows meet the depths with plenty of structures.

Guests won't have to spend all day running around in search of fish, as most of TROPHY FISH are caught within a short boat ride of the lodge. How good is the fishing? 100+ fish days are common. Walleyes typically run up to 28" with many over 30". Hundreds of pike over 40" are caught every year. Lakers are usually in the 8-15 pound range with plenty of fish in the 20 to 30 pound range.

Dining on Deck  

The lake features hundreds of islands, bays and reefs loaded with fish. Many Canadian lodges offer walleye and pike - This lodge offers you a Canadian "Grand Slam" of Trophy Lake Trout and Brook Trout as well as the famous Walleye and Pike. Because the lodge is located on a prime section of the lake where shallows meet main lake depths guests of the lodge don't have to spend all day running around in search of fish. Most of the Trophies are caught within a short boat ride of the lodge. For a special BONUS Guests of the lodge can take a day trip to the local River and fish for exceptional Brook Trout that will average over 20".
Hudson Bay Heritage Cottages  

Boats have been modernized and updated features 18 foot Lund Outfitter boats with four-stroke Yamaha motors and three padded swivel chairs.

The lodge brings you back in time and allows guests of the lodge the thrill of exploring this virgin wilderness. Exciting opportunity to kick back and relax in NATURE while accommodating quests on their fishing adventures. NEWER Reverse osmosis water system and sewer system installed in 2013.


Don't miss your opportunity to own and operate one of the jewels of northern Manitoba. Contact Richard Mitchell for more details.


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