Manitoba West Fishing/Hunting Resort

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  Guests of this resort can experience a spectacular vacation all year round in the rugged, pristine wilderness of northwestern Manitoba. This lake is located in a beautiful setting with EXCLUSIVE fishing rites to the entire lake and system. Here guests of the resort can travel historic canoe routes, walk glacial eskers and witness migrating caribou herds.
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Exclusive: This resort is the sole outfitter on the lake. With boat & Fly-in access, this accessible, yet remote lake offers you seclusion with no borders. The lake is fed by numerous pristine creeks and streams and dotted with more than 130 islands, is large in stature, but small enough to allow access in almost any weather conditions.   sunset
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Surrounded by boreal forest with an abundance of White and Black Spruce, Jack pine, Tamarack, Willow, and Birch, This lake is a paradise awaiting lodge guests arrival.
lawn chairs   With sweeping sand beaches, quality trophy fishing and spectacular scenery this resort has something for everyone in the rugged, pristine wilderness of northwestern Manitoba.
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For further information on this lodge please contact Richard Mitchell at 204-256-5796. 

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